Dogfunk Coupon

Dogfunk Coupon is used for purchasing reliable and the most natural dog food brand called Dog Funk. It ensures that the following harmful ingredients are not present which most other dog food brands contain. Dogfunk takes extra care to see to that the ingredients are 100% dog friendly.

a) BHT or Butylated Hydroxytoluene: This is an antioxidant. This is supposed to cause cancer and other genetic malfunctions. This is banned for its usage in human food especially baby food. Dog should also be prevented from consuming this through their dog food. Dogfunk ensures this is not used.

b) Ethoxyquin: This is a preservative that is used in pesticides. This is also said to cause cancer and is not used in human food. However various pet food brands continue to use this as one of the ingredients. There have been reports which have stated that this cause major organ failures, skin problems, allergies and also behavior problems. This is used in great quantities in pet food and hence, it is very important that you read the contents before buying.

Dogfunk Coupon

c) Propyl Gallate: This is an antioxidant used in cosmetics, food, hair products, lubricants and adhesive. It is considered to be very toxic and is used in pet foods. This is said to cause liver diseases and is also carcinogenic. It is very toxic and is sadly used in pet food. There is a trend being followed now where dog food companies are shunning its use yet not much change has been seen as the alternatives are expensive and it is advisable to be careful when selecting pet food brands.

d) Grape Pomace: This is the remains of the fruit which is called the pulp. This also contains seeds, peels and stalks of the fruit which is pressured out of the fruit. This is used for animal feed and even in fertilizer. Some times it acts as an agent that provides fiber to the food product which is why this is used in pet foods. Unfortunately, this causes vomiting and renal failure in dogs and must b avoided at all times. There are no nutritional values attached to this.

e) Animal Fat: This is taken from the tissues of mammals and used in commercial extraction processes. This is a byproduct of meat processing. It comes from animals but which animals are not specified. This has a great amount of linoleic acid which is found in chicken fat. This comes from dead decaying and disabled animals and is certainly not good for dog’s consumption. Traces of contamination have been found in this and yet it continues to be used in different dog foods.

These are some of the ingredients that dog owners should be wary of. It is important to always check carefully before purchasing dog food brands. You’ll be surprised to know how even the most reputed food brands contain such ingredients. It’s not always about brands but getting what’s best for your dogs.This is why you should always go for the Dogfunk Coupon which ensures the perfect dog food for your pet.


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