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Dogfunk Coupon

The Dogfunk is a dog food brand is not just any brand. It is a safe, reliable and natural dog food which you can easily purchase with the help of Dogfunk Coupon. This brand ensures the following are kept far away from the ingredients:

a) Animal Digest: This is found in the form of liquid and powder and is made from animal tissues which are freed from hair, teeth, horns, hooves etc. However, some traces of these are found in the animal digest. This is made from dead decaying animals of various kinds which are mixed together and a broth is created. This is to be avoided at all costs when buying pet food. This can cause huge health problems.

b) Red Dye No. 40: This is the most popular color additive that has been certified by the FDA. It is used in candy, soft drinks and desserts. It is also used extensively in pet food. This is very toxic and causes lymphomas. It is very problematic that is still used in various foods despite the evidence. Proper evidence has not yet been gathered which conclusively proves the effect of this dye and hence, pet food brands still use this and hence a lot of problems are caused when dogs consume this.

Dogfunk Coupon

c) Yellow Dye No. 5: This is also a food color additive which is used in baked goods, beverages and pet food. It is lemon yellow in color and causes allergic reactions, asthma, blurred vision, migraines, rhinitis, itching, hives and other such skin infections. This also causes tumors, lymphocytic damage and is banned in some countries. Nonetheless, it is extensively used in dog food. Avoid this always when purchasing dog food brand.

d) Yellow Dye No. 6: It is used a lot on hot chocolate and other beverages. This is also used in food brands for pets. This creates a lot of allergic reactions which include vomiting, gastric upset and hives. It contains a chemical which effects children as well and there have been several efforts made to remove this from children food. It also causes kidney problems and also causes hyperactivity.

e) Flavor: This is a component which can be a variety of things like a spice which is essentially used for flavoring food. This can be natural or chemical compound. His is found mostly in beef flavored food for dogs and is also used in certain other beef products. Hence it is advisable to avoid such pet foods and feed dogs the beef itself. Artificial flavoring is never good for dogs or humans.

f) Glandular Meals: This also produces artificial flavoring of liver in dog food. These are made from different animals and are not specified. FDA had banned the use of this food additive because of health threats such as the mad cow disease that were found in the protein used. Although this is banned for livestock it is still used in pet food products and should be avoided at all times.

Dogfunk Coupon is a great way to ensure you get your dog the best and also save the money required.


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